The work of tomorrow: Find out what will be possible in the future!

We already have the power to shape the working life of the future. After all, every computer and every machine is only as clever as its human operator.
In "Science Year 2018 – Working Life of the Future" we explored both the opportunities and the challenges that lie ahead. You, too, could get involved! You were able to help the worlds of research, science, business, and culture in seeking answers to questions about the workplaces of tomorrow in "Science Year 2018 – Working Life of the Future".

We will teach machines how to think and laugh!
We will work in jobs that the world has not yet seen!
We will see just how close the whole world can be!

Trailer Science Year 2018 – Working Life of the Future


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Make possible what appears impossible today

Thirty years ago, who could have imagined all the changes that we now take for granted as a result of the invention of the Internet, whether it was e-mail replacing faxes, smart phones complementing landlines or streaming emerging to compete with television? And what technological advances await the coming generations?

Scientists and researchers are looking for answers to the most pressing questions about the working life of tomorrow at universities and institutes across Germany. Their aim is to make possible what appears impossible today. Bringing together the general public and the world of research, the Science Year looks out beyond our normal horizons towards the varied and exciting working worlds of the future with flexible working hours where your colleague may be a robot and your workplace in the countryside. How and where do we want to work in future? What further education and training will we need to take advantage of these new opportunities? And what role do science and research play in shaping the working life of the future? These are questions which affect us all and which we will address together in the Science Year.

"Experience. Learn. Shape." This is the motto under which members of the public can participate in finding solutions, asking new questions and seeking relevant answers.

Once again in 2018, the Science Year will include numerous events such as discussions, film viewings, participatory activities and much more besides.

Find out about the events taking place in "Science Year 2018 - Working Life of the Future" by consulting the calendar of events to see which is the right one for you. Download here the Science Year's flyer with various informations about the work of tomorrow.