Artificial Intelligence: Get involved and help shape the future!

Artificial intelligence (AI) . . . is about computer systems, machines and robots that can learn and teach themselves. These intelligent systems have already become an important part of many areas of our lives. 

Artificial intelligence is also the theme of Science Year 2019. Science Year 2019 involves the participation of organizations, educational establishments, higher education institutions and businesses and their collective research competence. Film screenings, panel discussions, join-in campaigns and many other events are directing attention to issues which matter to all of us: How does artificial intelligence work? How will we manage cooperation between humans and machines in the future? What ethical issues will have to be considered? What impact will AI have on how we interact as a society? How do I acquire the training I need for the digital working world of the future?

These are but a few of the questions we are asking in Science Year 2019. They are worthwhile questions to ask because artificial intelligence is probably the most exciting future technology of our time. 

AI harbours many opportunities to make advances in our interaction as a society, in politics and in economic terms. Programmed robots, for example, can take over physically taxing or monotonous work steps from humans. In the field of medicine, state-of-the-art computers can analyse enormous amounts of medical data in just a short amount of time, making it possible to speed up the development of treatments for diseases. Intelligent transport system strategies are helping to make the air in our cities cleaner. Artificial intelligence is continuously improving the storage options for wind, solar, and hydroelectric power.

You are more than welcome to engage in discussions with science and research about these issues and how to shape our future. 

Take advantage of the opportunity, get involved and learn more about AI.