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Science Year 2022 – Participate! #MeineFragefürdieWissenschaft

  • For the first time ever, the coming Science Year 2022 – Participate! will put citizens and their questions in the centre stage.
  • Science Year 2022 aims to strengthen citizen participation in scientific and political development processes and open up new cutting-edge fields for research and research policy.


Science Year 2022 – A year to ask questions and think ahead

Whether it be the increasing importance of algorithms in our everyday and working life, the impact of our lifestyle on the global climate or the question of how to feed the growing global population – our society is facing enormous challenges in the early 21st century. The insights generated by science and research have a profound impact on all areas of our lives. It is therefore crucial that we all address the momentum created by science and research, ask questions and contribute our own perspectives and knowledge to achieve more together.

But what really matters to us? What do we want to achieve as individuals and a society? And how can we pursue these goals? Science and research are undergoing a change and making every effort to engage in a dialogue with society. This creates new and other questions regarding topics such as reputation and relevance.

This is where Science Year 2022 – Participate! comes in. We invite you, fellow citizens, to enter into an open dialogue with scientists and researchers as equal partners. This Science Year is all about you and the questions you will ask the scientific community. Whether it be specific, everyday or visionary issues, ideas and questions – the many facets of your thoughts will shape the new Science Year. The aim is for citizens to experience research processes hands-on and for scientists to develop new ideas for research projects.

A key part of this Science Year is the “IdeenLauf” (in English: flow of ideas) which will serve to open up new cutting-edge fields for research and research policy. The “IdeenLauf”, the opportunity for you to ask your questions, will run between 14 January and 15 April 2022.

After that, the questions will be consolidated, complemented by additional texts to provide relevant context and discussed among scientists and selected citizens. A final report, which will provide the basis for an innovative agenda for research and research policy in Germany, will be presented to policy-makers and researchers in autumn 2022.

However, questions regarding all topics may also be asked after the end of the “IdeenLauf” – let your curiosity know no bounds!

A wide range of formats will be offered during Science Year 2022 – Participate! that invite you to ask questions. The aim is that science and society discuss your questions and that you contribute your knowledge, experience and perspectives to the future orientation of research policy.

Ask your questions and discuss with scientists and researchers – participate!