28.03.23 bis 29.03.23

Symposium »Optical Coatings for Laser Applications« (OCLA)

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Über die Veranstaltung

Launched in 2015 as a half-day workshop to introduce the LIDT measurement system in Switzerland, the Symposium OCLA established itself as an annual international symposium focusing on laser applications. This year, OCLA takes a new direction and, based on a cooperation between RhySearch and Fraunhofer IOF, travels for the first time to Jena at the Beutenbergcampus.

Platform for interdisciplinary exchange and networking

The symposium is aimed at interested engineers and scientists working on laser optics, high-end optical coatings, thin film deposition and characterization. It offers the opportunity to deal with all aspects from fabrication to design and application of laser optical components in an interdisciplinary way. Visitors, as well as speakers and researchers, will have the opportunity to jointly exchange ideas and present their work in the field of optical coatings, laser technology and measurement on laser induced damage.

Discover new trends and application potentials

Under the headings of networking, exchange and innovation, the conference will begin on March 28 with an evening event at the Leuchtenburg in Jena. Furthermore, there is the possibility to register for a guided tour at Materion Balzers Optics as well as at the Fraunhofer IOF on the afternoon of March 28. All participants can then look forward to a multi-layered program on March 29 around trends and application potentials of optical coating of laser applications. In addition, there will be numerous opportunities for personal discussions and professional exchange among each other and with industrial partners. Fraunhofer IOF invites all guests to the Zeiss Hall at the Beutenberg Campus.

28.03.2023 - 29.03.2023
14:00 - 21:00
Fraunhofer IOF Albert-Einstein-Straße 7
07745 Jena
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