Silhouetten von zwei Kindern und einer erwachsenen Person, die eine Flaschenpost verschicken vor einem Sternenhimmel

Message into the universe

Is there any life in space beyond Earth?

People have been wondering about alien lifeforms for many years. Driven by this curiosity, the first message was sent into space as early as 1974 with the "Arecibo message" – response still pending. Scientists in SETI research (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) are working on finding answers to the question of extraterrestrial life. They have already made various attempts to reach potential life in the universe. But what does interstellar contact actually look like? How are messages sent into space? And how do researchers figure out in which zones of other star systems extraterrestrial life is even possible? Five prominent experiments provide information about previous attempts and research results.

  • 1974: The Arecibo-Messages

    In the early 1970s, researchers at the famous Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico had a brilliant idea: They wanted to prove that we are not alone by sending a message into space - a message that could potentially be received by extraterrestrial civilisations.

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  • 1977 - today: The Voyager space probes

    The Voyager probes are two unique spacecrafts sent into space by NASA in 1977.

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  • 1999 - 2020: SETI@home

    SETI@home refers to a participatory project in which people from all over the world could take part in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence - simply by turning on their home computer.

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  • 2001: The Teen Age Message (TAM)

    The Teen Age Message (TAM) was a series of interstellar radio transmissions sent by the Evpatoria Planetary Radar (EPR) to six Sun-like stars from August to September 2001.

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  • 2013: The Lone Signal

    Lone Signal was a crowd-funded SETI project aiming to send interstellar messages from Earth to a possible alien civilisation.

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Now we need your creativity!

The "Arecibo message" contained information about the most important chemical elements for life on Earth and about our DNA. The data disks of the Voyager space probes from 1977 contain greetings in 55 languages and music by Louis Armstrong or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

What would you tell unknown life forms about humanity? What message would you like to send into space? Together with Research in Germany, we are interested in your ideas for messages into space. Post your personal message on our website and vote for the best messages.

What's your message into space?

Latest messages

  • Hallo Freunde der Weiten des Universums, wir sind intelligente Lebensformen in der Galaxie Milchstraße. Seit vielen Jahrzehnten stellen wir uns die Frage: ,,Sind wir allein im Universum?". Ich hoffe, meine Botschaft kommt bei euch an. Vielleicht trefft ihr ja bald unsere künstliche Sonde Voyager 1 durch die ihr mehr über uns erfahren könnt. Ich hoffe, ihr meldet euch zurück. Viele Grüße aus der Milchstraße von der Erde
  • Hallo ihr da draußen! Wir warten auf euch.
  • Dear Universe, what would we do without you? Where would we send our wishes and hope that they would come true? Without you, everything is nothing and nothing is everything.