Plastic Pirates – The Sea Starts Here!

Plastic Pirates – The Sea Starts Here!

A citizen science campaign for young people

All waterways flow into the sea

Along with all the plastic waste they contain
Rivers and streams not only bring water to the seas but also plastic waste. This pollution comes in the form of both macroplastics – such as torn plastic bags, sharp-edged yoghurt pots or tangled plastic string – and microplastics – that is, microparticles which are generally too small to see or touch. This plastic waste presents a risk to animals in the ocean and it enters the food chain.

Researchers can make use of increasing amounts of data on plastic litter in the world's oceans. But there are still many waterways in Germany where there is inadequate or no data about plastic waste. The “Plastic Pirates” citizen science campaign will help to fill in the gaps. Young people between 10 and 16 from Germany and Britain can take part in the campaign and have the chance to win a prize.

More information about the campaign

The collected data at a glance (German version)

The campaign

Find out how young people can become “Plastic Pirates” working like real scientists. This is how it works.

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The rules

There are a few rules you need to comply with if you want to take part. Learn more about them here.

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Download all the relevant information and working materials including leaflets and the learning materials and worksheets here.

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